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Lavazza Dek Coffee Beans

It might surprise you that one of our best-selling Lavazza blends is Lavazza Dek Coffee Beans. Especially if you are working from home, it can be easy to overdo your caffeine intake. With Lavazza Dek Coffee Beans, you can continue to enjoy the flavour of Lavazza Coffee day and night.

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Andre Agassi Is Back - With Lavazza

At the 2016 U.S. Open Lavazza is celebrating their collaboration with tennis legend Andre Agassi! As well as starring in a new ad campaign, Agassi is the Lavazza ambassador at all 4 Grand Slam tournaments. The new advert (which cements the #IMBACK campaign) is available to watch now on Youtube. Click here and take a look...

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Piano Coffee Supports Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and support sustainable living. The NGO (Non-governmental Organisation) was founded in 1987 by Daniel Katz, who remains on the board today. Lavazza supports the activities of Rainforest Alliance by offering two RFA certified blends: ¡Tierra! And Pienaroma. The work of Rainforest Alliance is increasingly important and diverse. You can...

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Lavazza Is The Coffee Of Wimbledon… Again!

Lavazza is proud to spread the quality and aroma of Italian espresso at Wimbledon. In 2011, for the very first time, Lavazza became the official Wimbledon coffee. The partnership with the historic tennis championship will be repeated this year! This means that players and spectators have had and will have the chance to enjoy the...

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