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Piano Coffee Brings You Two UK-produced Italian-style Blends

Great Coffee that Doesn’t Cost The Earth. Piano Coffee is the UK's leading supplier of Lavazza coffee. In addition to the Lavazza range, we now offer two UK-produced Italian-style blends, called Francesco and Luisa. Why have we done this? A number of our customers have been expressing concern to us about the environmental impact of coffee production. In response to this, we resolved to reduce our carbon footprint by producing two Italian-style blends at a modern eco-friendly roastery in the UK. Not only can we now drastically cut emissions from the roasting process, but we can reduce the Food Miles of each kilo of coffee. Coffee roasted in Italy travels 1,500 miles to reach our warehouse in the UK. Our...

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The rise of plant-based milk for coffee drinkers

When you order a coffee, it isn’t as straightforward as merely asking for a cappuccino or a flat white. The barista will typically ask “which milk would you like”, which used to be as simple as requesting semi-skimmed over full fat. The rise in veganism in recent years has encouraged a range of alternatives to dairy in coffee shops. Vegan options go beyond that of soya; now there is a never-ending list of new milks such as oat, rice, coconut and almond influencing the market. There is increasing transparency in the dairy industry. Cow’s milk is now less desirable to a lot of coffee drinkers who have become more aware of the supply process. Rice, oat and soy milk reportedly...

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Global Coffee Festival to connect 12 cities over 12 hour live stream

Coffee goes international this October at the Global Coffee Festival hosted in twelve different cities to help reignite the hospitality economy during Covid-19. The virtual event will broadcast more than 30 events non-stop over twelve hours hosting talks, debates and training to coffee enthusiasts watching at home. The inaugural online festival has been curated by event company Allegra in response to the pandemic, as their face-t0-face coffee festivals were postponed around the world. It takes place on Friday 30 October from noon until midnight, with the GCF Fringe from 31 October to 1 November, providing trade attendees the chance to host a live event through their feed. Viewers will be transported to numerous cities including London, Milan, Paris, New York,...

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Crisis for Small Italian Coffee Roasters

The economic outlook for small Italian coffee roasters has not been so bleak since the Second World War. Piano Coffee has made a lot of friends in the Italian coffee community over the past twenty years and it’s heart-breaking to hear that many of them will not recover from lockdown, meaning their heritage blends will be lost to us forever. Historically in Italy, the big name blends such as Lavazza, Illy and Kimbo were drunk in home, whilst the caffe taken on the hoof on the way to or from work, (or after a restaurant meal), tended to be from a small local roaster. Over the past twenty years, the big Italian brands have turned their attention increasingly to foodservice,...

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Capsule Time

How will the growing popularity of in-home capsule systems affect our relationship with high street coffee shops? Sales of in-home coffee systems boomed during lockdown, as millions of people were furloughed or worked from home. This article looks briefly at the development of the coffee capsule (or pod) and examines some of the issues that arise out of using these systems before speculating on the long-term effects of this trend on our industry. A Half Century of Development Lavazza introduced the capsule concept in 1989 with the launch of Espresso Point, a home and small office system that still enjoys wide distribution today.By the mid nineties, Nespresso had launched, and the Keurig system started to gain distribution in the US...

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