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Lavazza Dek Coffee Beans

Decaffeinated Coffee: Perfect for Working At Home

It might surprise you that one of our best-selling Lavazza blends is Lavazza Dek Coffee Beans. Especially if you are working from home, it can be easy to overdo your caffeine intake. With Lavazza Dek Coffee Beans, you can continue to enjoy the flavour of Lavazza Coffee day and night.

Most coffee brands buy in their decaf as an add-on. Not Lavazza, which operates its own plant to produce decaf coffee to the same high standard as the traditional range. The Mokadec Factory at Pozzilla, Italy was opened in 1991. It uses the cleanest and most efficient method to extract caffeine and produce Lavazza Dek Coffee Beans, whilst leaving other flavour components untouched.

Lavazza Dek Coffee Beans are blend of Brazilian Arabica and Natural Robusta in a 60:40 ratios. After processing, they are slowly roasted to achieve that distinctive Italian flavour profile for which Lavazza is so loved.

Lavazza “Dek” Decaffeinated Coffee Beans are available in packs of 500g with a range of purchase options starting with 4 x 500g bags. There is also a pre-ground option available in cases of 8x250g. Visit our new At Home section for more information and to place orders.

For information regarding other decaffeinated products from Lavazza, please contact Piano Coffee.