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Trickle Down Economics: Filter Coffee Makes A Comeback

There’s been increased interest in filter coffee in the coffee industry in recent months. For example, we are seeing growing use of the Chemex system among artisan coffee producers, who are recognising the benefits of this brewing method in showcasing the subtleties of single origin coffees.

Meanwhile, the National Pub Operator J D Wetherspoon has invested significant time and money to introduce their take on the concept to outlets. JDW is one of the big boys when it comes to the UK out of home coffee market, and has developed this market position by working in partnership with Lavazza Coffee.

Using the same blend of beans selected for their espresso-based drinks – the pure Arabica, Rainforest Alliance blend known as ¡Tierra! – beans are freshly ground on the premises and then brewed in Bunn Filter Equipment into special pump-action Vacuum flasks. It’s these variations at the start and end of the brewing process that make a significant impact on the quality of the coffee served. Firstly, the coffee is freshly ground and secondly, the coffee is kept hot in a vacuum flask, not by sitting a glass coffee jug on a heating element, which ultimately will always burn the brew.

Quoted in Restaurant Magazine, Lavazza sales and marketing director (out of home) Barry Kither said:

Filter is a convenient, quick means to serve and perfect every time; producing a purer cup of coffee and enhancing the delicate coffee taste.’

There are other benefits with filter coffee too; because less milk is used in filter coffee compared to espresso-based coffee, there is an opportunity for higher margins and/or more competitive pricing. Also, in outlets which enjoy very high peaks in customer footfall, the filter option can help speed up the queue and enhance perceived customer service as a result.

Lavazza produces three special blends of filter coffee: the ethical offering ¡Tierra!, Filtro Classico and, the most popular, Gran Filtro (a beautiful pure Arabica blend).

If you are interested in purchasing filter products from Piano Coffee, please contact us for further information.