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Patience is a Virtue – Cold Brew with Lavazza Gran Filtro

There’s been a lot written about Cold Brew coffee in the Trade Press in recent months.

Cold Brew is distinct from iced coffee, (which is usually derived from hot espresso, cooled over ice with milk added). It is produced using cold water (chilled or room temperature) and takes at least 12 hours to brew.

By not using hot water, the chemical profile of the resulting coffee drink has a different chemical profile with a lower acidity and sweeter taste. This extraction method also results in a higher caffeine content than a traditional hot water method.

We decided to give it a try using Lavazza Gran Filtro ground coffee and a large cafetiere.
You will find Lavazza Gran Filtro available in three different pack formats on this website.

Look for the ‘Ground Coffee’ tab.

Preparation Method

  • Combine 30g of Lavazza Gran Filtro ground coffee with 500ml of cold, filtered (or bottled) still water in a large cafetiere.
  • Stir well and replace the cafetiere lid, without pushing down the plunger. This allows the suspension to continue to brew.
  • Place the cafetiere in the fridge and leave for a minimum of 12 hours.
  • After the allotted time, push down the plunger.
  • If you want really clear drink, consider filtering the solution before you drink it.
  • Drink as it is or over ice, adding milk and sugar according to your taste.

Serving Suggestions

We drank our Cold Brew black over ice, but you can use it in many other ways: diluting the brew with water of milk to make it less strong, or even heating it after preparation.

Alternative Preparation Method

Here is a link to a DIY solution for Cold Brew preparation on a larger scale: