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Piano Coffee Brings You Two UK-produced Italian-style Blends

Great Coffee that Doesn’t Cost The Earth.

Piano Coffee is the UK's leading supplier of Lavazza coffee.

In addition to the Lavazza range, we now offer two UK-produced Italian-style blends, called Francesco and Luisa.

Piano Coffee Espresso Beans

Why have we done this?

A number of our customers have been expressing concern to us about the environmental impact of coffee production. In response to this, we resolved to reduce our carbon footprint by producing two Italian-style blends at a modern eco-friendly roastery in the UK. Not only can we now drastically cut emissions from the roasting process, but we can reduce the Food Miles of each kilo of coffee.

  • Coffee roasted in Italy travels 1,500 miles to reach our warehouse in the UK. Our Italian style blends roasted in the UK travel only 150 miles to our warehouse (a reduction of 90%).
  • Also, we can now ensure that we are leading the way on packaging recyclability.
  • Finally, by taking control of the production and roasting in the UK, we can maintain supply of two high quality blends at advantageous prices.

Discover the range here.

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