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Homeless In London – Shelter From The Storm

Who would think that homelessness would still be so common in Britain in the 21st Century?

There are many reasons why a person may become homeless: job loss, domestic violence, abuse, drug or alcohol dependency, physical or mental health issues, learning difficulties or a combination of any number of such factors.

There is a distinct possibility that that the official statistics on homelessness mask the real scale of the problem. What we do know is that many of the country’s homeless end up living on the streets of London.

Lots of us want to help with this problem, but find it hard to know what to do for the best. One distinct way of helping is to donate time or money to Shelter From The Storm- London’s only all year round free homeless shelter.

SFTS provides a safe environment, food and a warm bed for 36 guests (18 female and 18 male) every night of the year. Staffing and funding is entirely voluntary.

The UK coffee community is a supporter of the SFTS project. Please take time to visit their website to understand more about their work and perhaps to consider giving a donation of time or money.