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A Couple of Top Class Italian Restaurants

Espresso is usually the finale of a Fine Dining experience, and the choice of the correct coffee bean blend is a crucial element in weaving the fabric of that experience.

In recent months I have been lucky enough to taste the cuisine of two very special restaurants, both serving work of exceptional quality and innovation. One interesting observation that I took away from the visits was that both establishments had selected Lavazza Top Class coffee beans as their espresso coffee of choice.

Below you will find a brief introduction to the two restaurants and some further information regarding the Lavazza Top Class coffee bean blend.

La Credenza, Turin

Situated near the airport, this restaurant is an oasis of style and calm; the perfect environment to showcase the work of Giovanni Grasso and Igor Macchia. The fan base for this establishment includes Ferran Adria and Guiseppe Lavazza, and La Credenza’s recognition by Michelin is more than deserved.

Try to visit during truffle season, in the autumn, and taste the slow poached egg with white truffle.

Moreno at Baglioni, London

Situated in The Baglioni Hotel facing Kensington Gardens, this restaurant brings the work of Chef Moreno Cedroni (holder of two Michelin stars) to London. Chef Moreno has installed Antonio Bufi as his Head Chef in residence.

Very few Chefs can rival Ancona’s Chef Moreno when it comes to fish. If you have the chance, please taste the Octopus Salad from the lunch menu.

Top Class Gran Gusto

A combination of the highest quality beans from Brazil and Africa, Lavazza’s objective with this blend is to deliver strength without bitterness. Top Class is a must-try coffee bean for all lovers of authentic Italian espresso. is a specialist dealer in Lavazza Coffee Beans, and we enjoy a unique perspective of changing sales trends in popularity for each of the blends in the Lavazza range. We think that espresso connoisseurs in Britain are beginning to recognise and savour the qualities of the Lavazza Top Class blend, and we are anticipating increased sales of Top Class in the coming year. It would appear that we are finally discovering a secret that Italy’s best Chefs have been keeping to themselves.