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Piano Coffee - Luisa Coffee Beans

Piano Coffee - Luisa Coffee Beans

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Piano Coffee - Luisa Coffee Beans

This blend uses the typical blend composition of some of the great coffees of Northern Italy to deliver great quality Italian-style espresso at a competitive price.

The classic Italian origins of Brazil and Ethiopian Mocha Arabicas are combined with high quality Robusta to produce Luisa.

The result is a blend with length and complexity, which delivers the kick expected from an Italian espresso and combines well with milk to produce full-flavoured cappuccino and latte.

This exceptional coffee is produced at a small batch, environmentally-friendly roastery in the UK.

Flavour Profile (by an independent Q Grader)

An intense and complex blend with notes of roasted nut, dark cocoa and sweet cedar wood, complimented by a creamy mouthfeel.