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Sustainability Series: Coffee Farmers

There are 25 million coffee farmers in the world, spread across 30 countries.

Whilst some countries such as Brazil and Vietnam farm coffee on an industrial scale, other crops come from communities producing small batches from inaccessible locations (for example some of the Central and South American growing countries).

The ¡Tierra! Project is one of a number of initiatives Lavazza conducts or participate in to help small farmers. The project started in 2002 and is managed through The Lavazza Foundation, making it the most personal of sustainability initiatives for the Lavazza family.

Originally confined to Peru, Honduras and Columbia, the ¡Tierra! Project now extends to working in India, Brazil, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

The aims of the ¡Tierra! Project include:

  • Helping farmers to improve coffee quality and yields.
  • Growing with respect for the environment.
  • Help with organising into co-operatives.
  • Promotion of gender equality.
  • Support for the younger generation.
  • Assistance with diversification and re-forestation.

You can read more about the ¡Tierra! Project here.

Please help us achieve our target for sales of sustainable coffee by considering switching to one of these blends:

If you are already using one of these blends, thank you 😊!

We donate to The Rainforest Alliance for every bag of sustainable coffee we sell. Thanks to your support we have been able to raise thousands of pounds for a cause that has never been more vital.