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Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans - An in depth review

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Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans

Lavazza Super Crema is a blend is made up 70% washed and natural Arabica from Brazil and Central America and washed Robusta from Indonesia.

The washed Arabica provides acidity and this is balanced out by the sweetness the natural Arabica provides. Washed Indonesian Robusta used in this blend is more prized than the woody naturals of Vietnam and Uganda, which are widely used in traditional espresso blends especially in Southern Italy.

Washing Robusta changes the taste profile from woody and bitter to deep chocolate. Lavazza Super Crema appeals to all regional tastes in Italy. Historically Southern Italy leans to Robusta lead blends and Northern Italians much prefer more Arabica in their blends. The Super Crema blend pleases all of these markets.

It is the best selling Lavazza bean blend in the UK, maybe because of its versatility and how well it works in milk based drinks.

96% of all coffees sold in UK coffee shops are milk based. Super Crema espresso is rich and balanced providing a classic Italian experience. Super Crema needs dialing in correctly. We suggest 17 grams in, 35 grams out and 23 seconds extraction.

Super Crema is a widely enjoyed blend hence its massive popularity. If you are looking to try Lavazza coffee beans for the first time this would be a good starting point.  Medium roast.