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Lavazza Pledges €10 Million To Help Combat The Corona Virus

Lavazza has donated €10 Million to assist in the fight against The Corona Virus in its home region, Piedmont.

  • €6 Million has been given to Piedmont Regional Council to help fund materials for healthcare and frontline staff.
  • €3 Million has been given to La Stampa Foundation to support the purchase of medical equipment and supplies, (including advanced testing equipment at Amedio di Savoia Hospital in Turin), sanitisation kits to Turin schools and help for the elderly suffering hardship.
  • €1 Million has been donated to support the vulnerable groups in the region.

Lavazza issued the following statement:

“The Lavazza Group and its entire workforce wish to send a positive signal and show solid commitment in the fervent belief that if everyone pulls together at this time, we can get through the emergency and make Italy shine once again.”

Our thoughts are with our Lavazza colleagues in Italy.