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Lavazza Opens New Turin Headquarters

Exciting news here taken from GC Mag.

"On 12 April, Lavazza launched a new 30,000-square-metre headquarters in Turin, Italy.

The new venue, titled Nuvola Lavazza, is designed for the wellbeing of employees and with respect for the environment.

Nuvola is not just an office building. It hosts gourmet restaurant Condividere, curated by chef and food philosopher Ferran Adria; a coffee museum showcasing Lavazza's 123-year history; a piazza open to the public; an archaeological site with the visible remains of an early Christian basilica; a large events space for debates, congresses and cultural events; and the Institute of Applied Arts and Design and its 700 students.

"We wanted the Nuvola Lavazza to be much more than the efficient and innovative headquarters of a modern company," says Group Vice Chairman Giuseppe Lavazza. "Nuvola gives a renewed and energetic continuity to the Lavazza business: a symbol of openness and sharing where people mix, working together, producing, exchanging ideas, discussing and communicating with the world."

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