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Lavazza Gold Selection coffee beans - An in depth review

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Lavazza Gold selection beans - 70% Arabica including natural Arabica from Brazil and washed Arabica from Colombia. 30% washed Robusta from the island of Java in Indonesia. Gold selection has the same Arabica/Robusta split as Lavazza Super Crema but the mix of origins create a very different coffee.

As an espresso, Gold selection is a bright lively cup with the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. The washed Colombian Arabica provides the brightness and the Brazilian natural Arabica pushes sweetness into the cup. The unique washed Robusta adds a wonderful aromatic burst of body to this espresso.

With milk Lavazza Gold selection is gentle and offers a brilliant marriage of creamy coffee and milk chocolate notes. This blend is a perfect example of how quality Robusta can transform a cup of coffee. Most of the worlds Robusta coffees are milled by the natural method which generally produces coffees that are woody and bitter. This washed Robusta from introduces notes of rich milk chocolate. This adds another dimension to milk based drinks. Lavazza Gold selection has been a popular blend for over 25 years.

It was originally called Super Oro but changed in 2001 to the now Gold selection.