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Lavazza Crema E Aroma beans - An in depth review

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Lavazza Crema e Aroma Coffee Beans

Lavazza Crema E Aroma beans are blend of Natural Arabica from the San Paulo area of Brazil and washed Arabica from Honduras coupled with equal levels of African Robusta from Uganda.

A blend with a consistent crema and a strong decisive character, with a pleasant aftertaste of dried fruits, bitter cocoa and precious woods that remind you of a fine barrel aged wine. Crema E Aroma is quite similar to Lavazza's most popular worldwide coffee Qualita Rossa in its blend mix except it is roasted more slowly and in turn it works a little better in professional espresso machines.

It is roasted medium as with most Lavazza coffee beans. Great with milk this entry level Lavazza coffee is hugely popular in both the UK and world markets alike.