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Lavazza Alteco Organic Coffee Beans and the Meaning of UTZ

Lavazza has launched the Alteco blend of coffee beans.

Composed of a blend of organic beans from precious Central American Mountain origins, the blend is gently roasted to give notes of honey and dried fruit. The finish is of chocolate with spicy notes of bitter cocoa.

As well as being Organic: certified BIO, this blend is also UTZ certified, but what does this mean?

UTZ certified (‘utz’ is the Mayan Quiché word for ‘good’) was launched in 2002 to establish a set of criteria for responsible growing practices and efficient farm management. The UTZ code now extends to coffee, cocoa, tea and hazelnuts. In 2012, some 9% of the world’s coffee production was UTZ certified.

UTZ is joining forces with Rainforest Alliance to increase its reach and impact. We offer two Rainforest Alliance certified blends (Lavazza Pienaroma and Lavazza Tierra Intenso) on the Piano Coffee website. These are now joined by Lavazza Alteco in our ethical coffee offering.

To read more about UTZ and its partnership with Rainforest Alliance, please visit