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Five Good Reasons To Consider Lavazza Filter Coffee

Lavazza Filter Coffee

There’s never been a better time to consider introducing Lavazza filter coffee to your range.

If you already serve filter coffee, you might consider upgrading to one of the family of premium Lavazza filter coffees.

Here are five reasons to make the leap:

  1. Meet The Changing Needs of Your Customers
    With so many people giving up or reducing dairy intake, there’s a growing demand for long coffee drinks without milk.
    By offering Lavazza filter coffee, you can satisfy of your Vegan customers without the hassle of fiddly milk substitutes.

  2. Speed up Your Queue
    Lavazza filter coffee is quick to pour and serve, reducing your customer’s waiting time.
    It’s easier to switch Americano drinkers to a well made Italian-roast filter coffee, (such as Lavazza Top Class filter coffee, for example).

  3. Enhance Your Margins
    Reduced milk content makes a long drink much less expensive and helps grow your margins.
    A 12 ounce serving of filter coffee costs between 10 and 12p to produce (excluding the cost of the disposable cup).*

  4. Deliver Consistent Quality
    Select a premium blend such as Lavazza Top Class or Gold Selection filter coffee. Lavazza filter coffee is easier to produce consistently compared to espresso-based drinks.Portion-controlled packs ensure that you deliver the same quality every time.

  5. Help The Environment
    By reducing milk consumption you will be helping to alleviate the environment impact of dairy farming (and the industrial production of milk substitutes).
    Lavazza filter coffee is also much easier to serve to those customers with their own re-useable cup.
    By offering a sustainable blend (such as Lavazza Top Class filter coffee), you can further enhance your green credentials.

Our Range of Lavazza Premium Ground Filter Coffees

  • Lavazza Gold Selection Filter Coffee
    available in packs of 30x64g, 20x226g and 6x1kg
  • Lavazza Top Class Filter Coffee
    available in packs of 30x64g and 6x226g

Also suitable for cafetieres and similar preparation methods.

Need more information or advice on Lavazza filter coffee? Conatc us at any time.

*Based on the cost of a premium blend such as Lavazza Top Class Filter Coffee.