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Caring for your coffee machine

Whether you are a business with a professional coffee machine or a home office worker with a sophisticated new piece of equipment in the kitchen, the chances are that you will need to call on a service agent at some point in the near future.

Professional Espresso Machines

If your professional machine has been out of use for some time, did you empty the boiler before closedown? If not, your machine will need to be drained and may need checking for scale build up. Other items, such as seals, would need to be checked at the same time and steam arms purged and cleaned.

For professional machine servicing, please contact

Home Barista Machines

Alternatively, you may have purchased a home coffee machine during lockdown, which you need to have maintained on a regular basis or repaired. Maybe you need to buy home barista accessories?

Please visit for service support and high quality barista equipment.