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Lavazza Dek: Decaffeinated Coffee From Lavazza

Most coffee brands buy in their decaf as an add-on. Not Lavazza, which operates its own plant to produce decaf coffee to the same high standard as the traditional range. The Mokadec Factory at Pozzilla, Italy was opened in 1991.

Decaffeination is effected using the ‘CO2 ’ or ‘Carbon Dioxide’ method. This process avoids the risk of chemical residues that is found with other processes and is more efficient than the Swiss Water Method.

Pre-steamed Green Beans are immersed for ten hours in carbon dioxide , which is in a liquid state as a result of being subjected to high pressure. The caffeine is very soluble in liquid CO2 but the other chemicals in the bean remain relatively untouched . The extracted caffeine is saved and ends up in some of the world’s most famous soft drinks.

Decaf becomes more popular every year, particularly as populations in The West continue to age. Medical research has pointed to a link between the consumption of coffee and a reduction in the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Recent evidence suggests that this effect remains when ingesting decaf coffee, i.e. the benefit does not appear to be derived from the effects of caffeine, but other chemical constituents of coffee beans.

Some restaurants actively promote the sales of decaf towards the end of the evening session, when clients might want a coffee, but be concerned about being kept awake.

Lavazza “Dek” Decaffeinated Coffee Beans are available in packs of 500g with 12 packs per case.

For information regarding other decaffeinated products from Lavazza, please contact Piano Coffee.