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Learn More About Lavazza Coffee Bean Blends

The most popular Lavazza coffee bean blends sold online in the UK are Lavazza Rossa beans and Lavazza Crema e Aroma beans. These are both blended for the home market and are available in leading supermarkets.

Lavazza also produces a range of seven coffee blends for the Foodservice or ‘Out of Home’ market. These are superior in quality to the products produced for home consumption. They are roasted more slowly and are blended from higher quality beans. You can identify these blends by the fact that they are packed in blue bags, and you can’t buy them in the supermarkets.

If you are used to ordering Lavazza Rossa or Crema e Aroma blends, why not experiment with an alternative from Lavazza’s ‘Out Of Home’ range? Here are few of our recommendations for you.

Lavazza Super Crema Blend

Blended especially for Northern Europe and North America, Lavazza Super Crema is the USA’s favourite blend. Super Crema is blended from smooth Brazilians, Central American milds and delicate, sweet Indonesian coffee beans, with both washed and unwashed Arabicas and fine washed Robusta beans included.

Lavazza Super Crema produces a strong but velvet espresso with an excellent creamy consistence across a wide range of production conditions. Works well in cappuccino and latte too.

Lavazza Gold Selection Blend

Lavazza Gold Selection blend is smooth and well balanced. A blend of mild washed and unwashed Arabicas is lifted by the inclusion of washed Javan Robustas. Medium roasting gives Gold Selection a superb flavour as espresso and a fantastic cappuccino and latte, with great length of flavour culminating in a delicious aftertaste.

Give this blend a visit and you may find that you never leave it.

Lavazza Tierra Blend

If you prefer a coffee with a provenance, then this might be the Lavazza Blend for you. Tierra is a pure Arabic blend from three farms in Central and South America:

  • Yanesha of Nagazu in Peru
  • La Fortuna in Honduras
  • Villa Esperanza in Columbia

The combination of these mildly roasted coffee beans creates an aromatic flavour with a delicacy and sweetness made more complex by a fruity acidity.

Click here to learn more about Lavazza’s Tierra Project