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Pret A Diner – ‘Italians Do It Better’

If you find yourself in the St James’s Street area of Central London before 30 June 2012 and you love fine Italian food, why not visit Pret A Diner-‘Italians Do it Better’.

Created by the German masters of the Pop Up Restaurant concept, Kofler and Company and headed up by Giorgio Locatelli, you can chose from one of two set menus. Locatelli has created a traditional menu, whilst an innovative menu from one of five Michelin Starred Chefs is rotated each night, for the more experimental diner.

Set at 50 St James’s Street, a surprising melange of 18th Century opulence, a live DJ, contemporary art installations and urban grunge creates a unique ambiance.

Lavazza is a proud sponsor of this Pop Up and it was good to see the Lavazza BLUE capsule concept being used among such esteemed company.

I chose the Locatelli menu, which was comprised of three courses: a tuna starter, fantastic pasta with red snapper and perfectly cooked lamb to follow. Then a brief taste of a dessert which featured a memorable pistachio ice cream, before finishing up with a perfect Lavazza espresso.

Well recommended if you love fine dining. However, please book (and make sure you understand the tariff) before you make a visit.

Visit the Pret A Diner – Italians Do it Better