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Lavazza Tierra Brasile (Blend) Espresso Coffee Beans

Lavazza Tierra Brasile (Blend) Espresso Coffee Beans

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Lavazza Tierra Brasile (Blend)

A premium blend of high grade Brazilian natural and semi-washed Arabica including “Conillon”, a fine and carefully selected washed Robusta, which elevates the espresso’s intensity. A perfect balance between notes of dark chocolate, hazelnuts and cane sugar, full body and a round taste. Thanks to a long and “gentle” drum roasting system ideal for espresso, the coffee aromas are enhanced and preserved.

Lavazza Tierra Brasile (Blend) Origins

Brazil - Lambari natural, Sul del Minas Cereja Descascada and Espirito Santo Conillon.

Lavazza Tierra Brasile (Blend) Tasting Notes

Dark chocolate, hazelnuts and cane sugar.


Slow and “gentle” traditional drum roasting.

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