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Kimbo Il Caffè Di Napoli

Kimbo Coffee Beans at Piano Coffee

Whilst the north of Italy is home to a number of competing brands, south of Rome, in the Mezzogiorno, one coffee roaster dominates: Kimbo.

Northern blends reflect the influence of the coffee culture of the old Austro-Hungarian empire. Caffè Kimbo has an altogether more exotic heritage which looks south across the Mediterranean for its inspiration.

Italian coffee has extended its influence across the globe and the jewel in that cultural crown can be found in Napoli. Neapolitan coffee is distinct from its mainstream Italian counterpart in two key ways:

  • The famous Neapolitan Roast is darker
  • The Miscella (or blend) comprises beans from different origins

These two factors combine to produce an intense, complex, spicy espresso with a very thick cremina. Usually drunk locally as a very short espresso (ristretto), Neapolitan coffee is very high in caffeine to deliver the quick shot of energy needed at key times of the day.

Kimbo is pre-eminent among Neapolitan coffee roasters (torrefazione) and can trace its origins back to the Rubino family store in Napoli. In 1963, the Rubino brothers launched Café Do Brasil, before re-branding as Caffè Kimbo in 1971. A generation later, Kimbo’s success had made it one of Europe’s largest coffee roasters, with a presence in over 40 countries.

Whilst the subtle, light roasted coffees of the north tend to get lost when combined with milk, the bold, dark Neapolitan roast delivers a cappuccino or latte bursting with flavour. The two blends we have selected came top for flavour and character in our blind taste tests. We are pleased to recommend Kimbo as the choice to ensure your coffee stands out from the crowd.

We are delighted to partner with Kimbo and introduce our first selections from their range:

Kimbo Il Caffè Di Napoli for a fuller, authentic Italian flavour.